Gelato Messina

This playful and creative culinary team of pastry chefs make every ingredient in their famous gelatos from scratch.



Made by hand using time-honoured authentic Italian methods, Gelato Messina has become a Sydney institution since its humble beginnings in Darlinghurst in 2002.

The epitome of rich creaminess and dense authentic flavours are at the heart of their creations, testament to their popularity amongst gelato lovers throughout the entire year from Summer to Winter. Serving the largest selection of gelatos in Sydney with 35 traditional flavours on offer, including apple pie; pistachio; coffee; white chocolate and macadamia; and strawberries and cream, all artificial colouring and preservative free. Gelato Messina is also renowned for their inventive weekly specials. Every Monday, five bespoke flavours are added to the menu and served for a limited time only.

Store Details

02 9939 2771

Shop 7.15, 25 Martin Place, Sydney