Experience a modern interpretation of classical Japanese dining, with nuances from other cultural destinations to enhance traditional recipes and well-known classics.

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Kazan is a modern Japanese restaurant that has been designed with a ‘Noh stage’ as the inspiration. The Noh stage was originally an outdoor theatre where the performances combine the beauty and feeling of natural surroundings, with the grace and beauty of the performance on stage. As the chefs and bar tenders are on a raised level performing in front of the diners, the ‘Kumiko’ - the decorative feature on the ceiling depicts a canopy of trees and leaves overhead.

The menu is a modern interpretation of classical Japanese cuisine with nuances from other places to enhance traditional recipes and well known classics.

The kitchen is led by Shinya Nakano, who was Head Chef of Nobu Melbourne, and led the sushi section at Kisume. Shinya stood behind the chopping board (Itamae) with 5th generation sushi masters in the Kyoto institution ‘Izuu’ before he landed in Australia.

Store Details

8080 8074

Shop 8.01 / 25 Martin Place, Sydney

Tuesday - Saturday 12pm – 10.30pm Closed Monday - Sunday

Kazan Japanese Restaurant