Sardine Bar

Hidden atop White + Wong’s, this intimate bar delivers a melting pot of pan-Asian vibes, colourful cocktails and a thoughtfully curated wine menu.

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This warm and inviting bar shares the limelight with its vibrant neighbour White + Wong’s.

Neon lighting, upbeat music and quirky sardine can wallpaper pushes the ambiance into pan-Asian vibes in the heart of Sydney.

A thoughtfully chosen drinks menu features French and local bubbles, premium wines and a kaleidoscope of colourful, aromatic cocktails.
Take a seat at the ambient glowing bar where a resident mixologist creates bespoke orders to your preferred taste.

Served alongside the extensive drinks lists, is a delicious selection of savoury bar snacks curated by the White + Wong’s chefs.

Store Details

02 8015 2900

25 Martin Place

No bookings required