Urban Bloom

Spring is on show at 25 Martin Place with Urban Blooms taking over the plaza. See giant flora casting bright colours throughout the plaza by day and illuminate the precinct by night.

Light Sentinels v3 by Sklunk Control
The Light Sentinels have evolved over millennia to become defenders of light, casting and seeding colour and delight. They are emissaries of Spring and newness and their arrival heralds the triumphant beginning of sun filled days and joyous occasions. 

Technical and attribution 
Light sentinels are kinetic flower-based creators of colour and light that mechanically unfurl their petals to create a canopy of colour that cast colour changing shadows across the landscape. At night they light up, lantern like to provide opportunities for solace and contemplation. 
Light Sentinels v3 designed by Skunk Control. 

Urban Bloom will be in the plaza from Monday 5 September – Sunday 25 September 2022.