Shop at 25 Martin Place

  • With bustling Sydney city on its doorstep, 25 Martin Place delivers a selection of lifestyle services, along with everyday conveniences as part of its comprehensive retail offer.

  • Blurring the line between gallery and shopping experience, 25 Martin Place is home to stunning flagship stores by revered international fashion houses and designer boutiques, showcasing the latest in seasonal runway collections and limited-edition capsule releases.

  • As a complete experience, 25 Martin Place features a number of wellness services, from personal grooming to a contemporary new pharmacy in the heart of the CBD.

  • Reminiscent of famous international food Romeo‚Äôs is a celebration of all thing's food with an energetic ambiance. Be welcomed by ornate tiled floors, freshly cut market flowers, the hiss of barista steam, and the enticing smells of an Italian bakery in full swing.